Thursday, November 20, 2008

Other blogs

I just stumbled on this blog the other day that I haven't seen linked in the graphics blog circle so I thought I'd make a point of mentioning it. Chris Evans, a technical artist from Crytek, has a blog. He has just left Crytek to go to ILM and I hope he keeps up the blog as it's full of art and technical topics. His main site also has some good stuff like cryTools, Crytek's suite of max scripts.

I didn't get a chance to play Resistance 2 yet but for a good rendering break down of the game check out Timothy Farrar's post. Timothy is a Senior Systems Programmer I work with at Human Head so you can trust him ;). From a part of the game I did see I think the object shadows work similarly to the first cascade of cascaded shadow maps as in there is one shadow map that is fit to the view frustum within a short range and fades out past that range. I haven't seen the rest of the game to know whether shadows can come from more than one direction that would make this not work.

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